Manic Focus

I was unaware of the talent level for this show the only artist I knew was Get Up who was the opener for this event repping for the local scene in Philadelphia and also is a part of the Actual Records crew, and he was amazing as usual every time I see Get Up perform it is a treat for my ears. The act after Get Up was Psymbionic I never heard of him and was sure what kind of music he was going to play but I can say one thing his stage presence was amazing and he was fun to photograph you can tell he was doing what he loved it really showed. More importantly, I really enjoyed his music selection the vibe was perfect while he was performing. The headliner Manic Focus was just as great if not better musically the live drums during his set was great his energy was also really high it was extremely hard to move through the crowd during his set its was a great concert from beginning to end.

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Date: 9-16-2016 | Location: Foundry Philadelphia