bernie rally atlantic city

"For many, the American dream has become a nightmare." -Bernie Sanders

  I attended the Bernie Sanders Rally in Atlantic City, NJ on May 9th, 2016. I usually do not participate in politics but I made an exception for this particular event. Simply because I couldn't remember the last time a Presidential Candidate came to Atlantic City or if one ever came at all. So I did some searching on Google and found out Bernie and the 1964 Democratic National Convention and that was pretty much it if there was something else I wasn't going to keep digging through the brick of Bernie Sanders related stories to find it. So I guess it's pretty safe to say that this was one for the history books. I would have gone if any of the Presidential Candidates came to Atlantic City just to say I was there. Being that it was Bernie Sanders that came it made it a lot easier to get out of bed that morning. Although I do not want to make this post about picking a side or about me voicing my own political views I would like to make this about capturing a moment in my cities history.            

Atlantic City Councilman Mo Delgado

Shot on 35mm Film

   After I passed the long line outside and got through the Secret Service men and women. I went up an escalator at the same time there was a woman to the left of me that was yelling over a balcony "If you are not registered to vote please come see me so we can get you registered if you are registered please make a left into the room!" and, at the top of the escalator there were more Secret Service agents. I walked passed them into the room were Bernie Sanders would soon be speaking. The first thing I noticed was a podium off centered to the left of the room. Over to my right, there were what I was assuming to be volunteer college students hyping the crowd up by starting chants waving there Bernie Sanders signs. As the room started to fill up I grabbed my spot right next to the podium at the best angle I could get. Most of the good spots were taken by small families with their kids or die hard Bernie Sanders supporters. A few guest speakers came on to the podium before Senator Sanders one of them was a man that cares very deeply about the direction of Atlantic City. That man is Councilman Mo Delgado I had not idea he was going to speak at this rally. This made me excited if I had a seat I would have jumped out of it.             

  Finally after all the waiting through about four opening speeches Bernie Sanders was introduced onto the stage. The second everyone saw him step out it was like all the energy in the room was released all at once. It really was amazing to feel and see this happen, people young and old from all walks of life in one room for one reason. To hear Bernie Sanders address the issues plaguing Atlantic City and the United Sates. To hear how he has planned to solve these issues like health care, making the top one percent of this country pay their taxes, and raising the minimum wage. Using tax money and investing in repairing our roads and bridges thus creating jobs. These people just simply believe in a better future and they also believe that Bernie Sanders will deliver that future. I am happy I was there to get this great experience. I felt like for once there was a bigger agenda to see people come together in a way I have never seen before in Atlantic City was great it felt like we were in the mud together and we were going to get out together.  

Senator Bernie Sanders at his rally at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ

Shot on 35mm Film