Tiny Room For Elephants


   Tiny Room for Elephants is a collaborative, multi-genre, art and music project that allows undiscovered and well established artist to collaborate over the course of 30 days. While this collaborative process is happening it is recorded in a documentary style. This was the first event for the project and, before the live acts took the stage the TRFE (Tiny Room for Elephants) crew had a few clips of the documentary looping on the projector and TV screens ( Video above is not the video from the event). From what I saw project was pretty amazing. I enjoyed the teaser it was very well put together.

   The second half of the event was a live listening party for The Book of David Aime's first project featuring the NXN Believers. Aime is an emerging Hip-Hop artist based in Philadelphia. From hearing his first project he sounds like he could be one of the great lyrics of our time.  Now the group the NXN Believers consist of Eric Boss and Max Swan. Both are great musicians in their own right. Eric Boss is a producer DJ, and songwriter. Max Swan is also a producer songwriter, but he also sings and plays the saxophone, and the keyboard. These two will be creating some heat I'm sure just wait on it.

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