Polaroid Love


Re-inspired by the magic of Polaroids. The 600 film series to be exact all the images below were shot with a Polaroid 600 Business Edition 2 with film from The Impossible Project. This is the only company that I know of that are making the film for these vintage cameras. They are definitely pushing for the best quality film they can produce. I have never shot with film before so while using the polaroid I actually fell in love with photography again. While was shooting I really enjoyed the fact that I had minimal control over the end result. Every image is unique to its own moment and I believe that is what really attracted. Also I really like how your surrounding dictates the outcome of the image warm and cool tones really come into play with the temperature of the environment that you are shooting in. Over exposure is something your are just going to have to deal with if you are shooting outside or by a window. Being a little overexposed never hurt anyone, in fact, it gives the image character.