Dreamscape 2017

  This was my first time attending Dreamscape Festival and it won't be my last. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Dreamscape, it's a three-day camping and music festival In Darlington Maryland. Although camping is completely out of the norm for me it was a great experience and I really enjoyed the time I spent at the Festival grounds the staff and the attendees were all extremely friendly and helpful and I can not wait until the next Dreamscape Festival. With that being said I picked out some of my favorite shots from the event I can't upload them all there are too many of them so enjoy these.  

35MM Film

  This set of photos is from my latest trip to New York City and one shot is from New Jersey I got these in today from Maxum Photo. I really hope you enjoy these also I have been shooting film for about a year or so now and if you go back a few post you will see the progression I enjoy looking back at the old images and seeing what I could have done better I love film its the unknown that gets me I will continue to shoot it as long as I can.     


I was finally able to get some film developed. It has been awhile because I've been pretty busy with other projects and shooting events instead of shooting film and walking the streets. Hopefully, we can get back to doing this more often also, I have been shooting with a new film camera that was given to me it's a Pentax MX this is my first roll out of this camera and I love it I think this is the beginning of a great relationship I am excited to keep shooting with this camera more film and updates on the Pentax MX soon

Developed by Maxum Photo           

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Drake Night


  This Drake Night was literally the most off the wall one yet, it definitely had something to do with Drake's latest release More Life. There is one thing I know for sure I can't wait until next month this party is definitely the most fun I've had since the last Drake Night. I hope to see you guys at the next Drake Night.  

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Date: 3-22-2017

Location: The Foundry in The Fillmore Philadelphia 



The young will take care of the old and in return the old will teach the young

Drake Night


  You don't have to like Drake to go to this party you just have to like having a good time. They do not play Drake all night long but you will hear him throughout the night it's mostly hip-hop and hip-hop influenced music being played at Drake Night but you will never forget where you are at because there is a projector that plays Drake video clips and Drake related quotes. If you are someone that is vibe based this is the party for you simply because the vibe couldn't be more right. So regardless if you love or hate Drake this might be the party for you.

Learn more about Drake night HERE 


Galentine's Day



  This event consisted of an all girl line-up ready to steal your heart the DJ's for the night were Gun$ Garcia Yolo OnoBaby.Com  and an amazing live performance by TT THE ARTIST hailing all the way from Baltimore, MD also the entire event was full of art by Amberella 


This event was hosted by the Factory Girls

See more art from Amberella HERE

Date: 4/13/2017

Location: Foundry at the Fillmore Philadelphia, PA


2 Days 2 Disposables



   I purchased two Disposable Cameras randomly, and right after I bought the cameras. I ended up going to see Dj Sliink, and Dirty South Joe at Premiere in Atlantic City, NJ. I naturally took one of the cameras with me and took a few pictures. Then I went on a Road Trip to D.C. with some friends, they are Dj's from an Artist Collective/Record Label called Actual Records Based out of Philadelphia, PA. They had a show at a venue called SoundCheck. The bulk of these images are from that event I thought it would be fun share these images here. I will put the images in order so the storyline makes sense. I hope you enjoy this peek into my life these are my friends and family.


With Friends

  Hung out with some friends for two days taking pictures I mainly took portraits because that's what I when I'm with my friends there are just a few streets shots in this post but mainly pictures of my two friends Jimmy and Luz enjoy 


Are you Losing it?

  This set of images is based on my grandfather and his mental illness. He has Dementia for those of you that don't know what that means. It's a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Now originally the Rorschach test was designed to help find patterns of thought disorders and schizophrenia. The test later evolved to help find personality Intelligence and emotional disorders. Most people will see what their mind is most focused on if you see hearts in almost every images you're most likely in love. If your more prone to see creative things that no one else around you seems to sees you should go draw or paint it. The Rorschach's that I have created are more for mental simulation in the hopes that this helps someone get out of a creative rut. This is also here to remind you that we only have one brain don't waste it my grandfather didn't he is a painter and he is an extremely creative person time will soon take that away from him so create while you can. Please tell me what you see.

35MM Film 2016


  This year I started to shoot 35mm film. Mid summer I bought my first film camera off Ebay for $100 it was a gamble but it was worth it was a Minolta XG1 with a 35mm lens it also came with an 80mm - 205mm lens and an external flash that did not work. but the investment was worth it I fell in love with photography all over again. I hope you guys enjoy the images I have selected for you and I hope some of these are your favorites to see you next year.       

Digital Images 2016

  Favorite Digital Photography

Here are my favrite Digital Photography shots from 2016 this was a great year it was full of fun and great times and ever greater opportunities the memories made this year will never leave me 2017 here we come

Shoot and chill


  It's been a while since I have done a proper photo shoot for anyone so it was fun to knock some of the dust off and get back to a different style of shooting I used to be very familiar with. I would like to continue to exercise this skill but I rarely get approached to shoot this kind of stuff I guess we will see what the future will bring.  

Great guy easy to work with definitely will shoot with him again check is Instagram out. Model: @patstackss


Foggy Haze

Digital Photography

  I went for a walk in the fog yesterday it was great the temperature was perfect. When I made it to the beach it looked like another plant it was pretty amazing. Anyway, I had a lot of fun shooting this I hope you guys like it.

New Film Shots


I would usually post a roll of film a month but, I got a little backed up and it doesn't look like ill be back on track for a while. So I will just post, film shots when I have time to get them done sorry I was really looking forward to the challenge of having to shoot a roll a month. Well with that being said these images below were from 2 to 3 different rolls of film also these images where taken in Atlantic City, Philadelphia and New York enjoy.       

Tiny Room For Elephants

   Tiny Room For Elephants is a pop-up art gallery based out of Philadelphia the event it curated by some great people. I say, great people because I'm not entirely sure how or who pick's the artist for show, But there is one thing I know for sure and that is I had a great time helping put the frames for the walls together and shooting the final show was amazing and extremely rewarding. Please enjoy the images below   

Hanging around


   Took these shots while waiting for my girlfriend to get out of work the other day. This set of images was taken in Atlantic City betweenNew York Ave. and South Carolina on the beach and boardwalk. A site I have seen a million times before this is me trying to view it with fresh eyes. Enjoy

Digital Photography     

walk shoot chill

Luz Sanchez

  An Atlantic City based artist and model this shoot in, particular was for a local artist collective and clothing line called Art Before Crime that we both happen to be a part of. This is simply just us walking around the streets of Atlantic City and bumping into cool things. That is how we get %100 of our shoots done it's just hanging out and taking pictures it's very relaxed and we try to make it as fun as possible. So enjoy

For any and all updates on Art Before Crime click HERE